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Texas dad: ‘Fathers, you can’t afford a stay-at-home mom’

TEXAS (WISH) – A Texas dad says he’s done the math and calculated exactly how much money a stay-at-home mom should earn in a year.

Steven Nelms’ blog post is going viral. He says moms should earn $73,960 a year.

Nelms reached this figure after conducting online research and consulting with experts to figure out how much money his wife’s work would earn in a workplace.

Some highlights include:

  • $50 to $100 per week for cleaning services
  • $240 a week as a chef
  • $75 an hour as a PR assistant when she accompanies him to work functions

Nelms isn’t the first to make this kind of calculation. His figure is actually on the low end of the spectrum, with past calculations saying stay-at-home moms should earn six figures.