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Thieves attempting to steal machine believed to be ATM

MADISON COUNTY (WISH) — A warning for business owners after police said someone was caught on camera trying to steal a machine, that they thought was an ATM.

It happened at Storage Now on East Broadway Street right outside of Fortville.

The manager said the thieves probably thought they were going to get away with some cash, but they didn’t get so lucky.

She said customers use the machine to pay bills or rent storage units after hours.

Storage Now was opened for business Wednesday evening, but something was noticeably missing from the front of the store.

Vanessa Bishop is still pretty upset about it.

“I would hope that they get caught for what they’ve done,” said Bishop. “I would hope they get held accountable.”

Bishop works for the business as an onsite manager. She said she got into work Monday morning and noticed someone had pried open the framing to the kiosk machine.

“Unfortunately though, these things are not just set inside of a wall they are bolted in very, very securely so what happened was the entire front of the kiosk began to peel off of the piece of equipment,” said Bishop.

The surveillance video shows a dark colored Ford expedition pulling into the parking lot around 3:30 a.m.

The video shows someone getting out of the car checking something then hopping back inside. The car is seen pulling out of the parking lot.

Moments later, the car is seen backing into the machine and the trunk pops open.

The video shows the car attempting to pull the machine. Bishop believed they did it with chains. Someone wearing a pink hat can be seen removing the chains.

“After several good tries they must have realized they were not going to be successful at removing it from the building so they stopped back up to the kiosk and got out,” said Bishop. “They obviously walked up to it to see if there was something that they could grab.”

Bishop says the would-be thieves didn’t get away with anything. She’s just glad the front part of the building didn’t come crashing down.

“I’m deeply saddened that they choose to do this and all for nothing. There was nothing to be had in the kiosk. We don’t keep money,” said Bishop.

The business is offering a cash reward of $250 for anyone with information leading to an arrest.

Bishop told 24-Hour News 8 they will also donate another $250 to the local food pantry in Ingalls on behalf of the tipster.

If you know anything about this case you’re asked to call Madison County Sheriff’s Office at (765) 641-9290.

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