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Thursday’s business headlines

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Here’s a look at Thursday’s business headlines.

Health care

The average cost of health coverage offered by employers rose to nearly $20,000 for a family plan this year.

The Kaiser Family Foundation also says employers also boosted the deductibles that workers must pay out of their pockets, to help blunt the premium increases.

More large companies are trying are trying rein in costs by rewarding workers who take steps to get healthier.

Facebook Messeneger

A coalition of advocacy groups filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission on saying that Facebook’s Messenger kids is violating privacy laws meant to protect children.

It says messenger doesn’t protect children but rather incentivizes them to get on the app at younger ages even as young as five.

Child advocates say children as young six years old could experience the negative effects of social media from the app.


Amazon raised its minimum wage to lots of fanfare this week.

But hourly workers will lose their monthly bonuses and stock awards in exchange.

The change could make some longtime workers to make less money, according to The Guardian.


Chipotle Mexican grill’s head of food safety will retire in 2019.

James Marsden has been with the company since 2016.

Chipotle has had many food scares in recent years and sales have suffered.