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Top things parents struggle getting kids to do

Kid-ing with Kayla — There are some things kids just don’t want to do whether it’s cleaning their room, going to sleep or eating healthy. Kayla Sullivan did a report about a time she was at the pool and her son did not want to get out of the water. Unfortunately, she was fully clothed so, she was feeling pretty helpless!

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Getting out of the pool isn’t the only thing kids don’t want to do! We asked parents to send some of the top things they struggle getting their kids to do.

Here are some of the responses:

  • Chores
  • Going to sleep
  • Getting in the car
  • Putting on their seatbelt or getting in their car seat
  • Taking a nap
  • Eating
  • Getting off the computer
  • Turning off the TV or iPad
  • Putting gas in the car after using it
  • Texting or calling back their parents
  • Brushing their teeth
  • Taking a shower or bath
  • Getting off their phone
  • Staying asleep
  • Talking about their day
  • Getting things themselves instead of asking their parents
  • Going to school
  • Waking up for school
  • Putting their socks and shoes on
  • Putting their clothes away
  • Stop arguing with parents
  • Take medicine
  • Flushing the toilet
  • Listening
  • Picking up towels off the bathroom floor
  • Staying seated at dinner
  • Brushing their hair
  • Homework
  • Washing their hands
  • Shut cabinet doors
  • Turn off lights
  • Trying new foods
  • Eye or ear drops when needed
  • Reading
  • Dishes
  • Get along with siblings

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