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Toys to encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’

Toys to encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’

From toys that encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’ to the newest play gadgets, STEAM/tech-toys and ride-on’s, Toy Fair (Feb 16-19) will be all a buzz in New York City with the best new toys for 2019!

With that said, Lifestyle and Parenting Expert Katy Mann showcases some of the hottest picks, latest trends and dare we say, the “IT” toy for the upcoming 2019 holiday season.

Orboot By PlayShifu 

Toys to encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’

●    Explore the world at your fingertips with the Orboot education globe!
●    Orboot encourages children to learn about the world around them utilizing state of the art augmented reality (AR).
●    Orboot is reinventing globes today, helping kids bring the world around them to life.
●    Using Orboot and the connected mobile app, kids can explore different cultures, inventions, monuments, natural wonders, cuisines, and weather.
●    Orboot shows realistic models, plays authentic music, and voice overs from people anywhere in the world. 
●    Play Shifu provides a wealth of factual information about each country and city, encouraging young minds to explore and learn with the power of Orboot. 
●    This table-top globe and connected app brings the world around us to life with Orboot as your educational tour guide. 
●    Orboot is at a retail price for $49.95 
●    For ages 5 and up! 

Sensors Alive by Thames & Kosmos 

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Toys to encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’

●    Demystify abstract physics phenomena such as light, sound, and heat like never before with this highly innovative, gamified sensor physics lab that brings physics to life! 
●    The core of this science kit is an app-based video game in which you use real-world sensor data that you collect from your environment to generate a diverse array of creatures. 
●    Create, collect, play with and care for your creatures in the app. 
●    You will gain experience in measuring light levels, volumes, and temperatures with the three sensor pods, and learn about the physics behind light, sound, and heat. WITH NEW EXPANSION PACK BEING RELEASED THIS YEAR.
●    SensorsAlive works with a tablet or smartphone operating on recent versions of iOS and Android. 
●    A short teaser video with more information about Sensors Alive is available at
●    MSRP $149.95; 
●    ages 8+
●    Avail at Target

Compound Kings 12 Count Neon Slime

Toys to encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’

●    Super stretchy, squishy fun on the go. Oddly satisfying neon slime. 
●    Comes in vibrant color like yellow, blue, green, and pink. 
●    This slime is all water based , non-toxic, and safe for pets and children! 
●    Price: $1.00, Age: 4+
●    Where to Purchase: Walmart

Bananas™ by Cepia 

Toys to encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’

●    Smell-able, Peel-able Bananas™ from Cepia, LLC are an exciting new collectible line of six brightly colored and scented Bananas that look, smell and peel like a real banana! 
●    Peel the Bananas™ to reveal tons of mini surprises inside, including: a cute Crushie character, two mini squeezable friends, gemstone stickers to decorate the Crushie or Banana, a collector sheet with character stickers, and a hanging vine to display your Crushie friends. 
●    Keep on the look-out for the Rare and Ultra Rare Crushies to add to your collection, Plus Bunch 2 is coming out later this year with even more to collect!
●    Display Bananas by hanging them on your backpack, or re-seal them to take on the go and trade with friends. 
●    MSRP $9.99 for bunch of 3, or $3.99 for single Banana; ages 4+
●    Avail on Amazon

Green Toys Ambulance & Doctor’s Kit 

Toys to encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’

●    The Green Toys™ Ambulance & Doctor Kit comes with everything needed to play doctor, nurse, EMT – or all of the above! 
●    Made in the USA from super-safe, 100% recycled plastic
●    This 10-piece set encourages motor skill development, imaginative play, and pro-social behavior, while also helping to ease anxiety about doctor visits by making the components of a check-up familiar and fun. 
●    The ambulance has the features, size, and durability of a classic Green Toys truck, as well as lights that flip-up into a handle to create a unique carrying case. 
●    All the pieces included in the set can be stored in the back of the ambulance for quick, eco-friendly transport to the next emergency. 
●    No BPA, phthalates, or PVC. Dishwasher safe. Packaged with recycled and recyclable materials and printed with soy inks. For ages 2-8. Available Summer 2018. MSRP $39.99.

How Do You See the World? from Authentic Agility

Toys to encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’

●    An engaging card game experience that allows people to truly connect through question asking with those you know or wish to know better. 
●    While answering questions and challenging their own perspectives, players learn more about the group by hearing and understanding how others view the world around them – all without judgement. 
●    The game includes one dice that will select one of the following five categories: Reflections, Relationships, Aspirations, Life’s Purpose and Beliefs. Players then draw a card and read the question from the associated category and discussion follows. 
○    What would someone who just met you say about you?
○    What is the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
●    Can be played with all ages around the family dinner table or with your newest neighbor.
●    Portion of the proceeds from all Authentic Agility Games will support educational and entrepreneurial organizations that are changing the world. 
●    Later this year, the company is launching their second installment in the series entitled: Why Can’t We All Just Get Along? 
●    Avail on, Teen and up, $24.99

Magformers Amazing Rescue 50-Piece Set 

Toys to encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’

●    Click and create your own adventure with Magformers AMAZING Rescue 50Pc Set! 
●    Magformers are a magnetic construction toy where the possibilities are endless. 
●    Build and create your own fire adventure. Build a fire station and fire truck, add wheels and fire accessories. 
●    This 50 piece set comes with 24 magnetic pieces, 2 characters and emergency vehicle accessories and much more to keep the city safe.
●    Ages 3 and up. MSRP $59.99.

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