Make your home page hopes to make dating great again

BURBANK, CA (WCMH) – If you’re looking to make America great with a new man or woman in your life, is the place you’ll want to go.

The new dating website promises to connect fans of President-elect Donald Trump for possible love interests.

The website was set up by David Goss last year, KABC-TV reports. He runs the website out of his home in Santa Clarita, California.

Users looking for a lover who shares their political beliefs can pay $19.95 a month to join the site. Goss says the site already has 20,000 members.

“It’s a place where people can come and meet each other and they don’t have to worry about going on that date, politics coming up, talking about politics and all of a sudden that person getting upset and leaving,” Goss told WFOR-TV.

Goss, who’s been married for two years himself, tells KABC-TV he created the site to help people find long, lsating love.

“There’s no swiping left, no swiping right. You send a message, you talk to somebody, you get to know them, you go on a date and, hopefully, it turns into something special for them,” said Goss. “People told us they went on dates on gun ranges and restaurants and various places. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback since we got big.”

Goss isn’t sure if the President-elect himself has seen or even heard of the website, but he’s pretty certain Mr. Trump would approve.

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