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UK surgeon finds 27 contact lenses in woman’s eye

SOLIHULL, England (WFLA) – Ophthalmologists in England made a shocking discovery while trying to operate on a patient last year.

The woman had 27 contact lenses still in her eye.

According to Optometry Today, the 67-year-old patient said she was unaware the lenses were missing. She told surgeons she felt discomfort but thought it was due to dry eyes and her age.

The woman went in for cataract surgery, and the operating team found a “bluish mass” of 17 contact lenses, all stuck together. Following a further examination, they found 10 more individual lenses in the women’s eyes.

The cataract surgery was postponed. Specialist trainee ophthalmologist Rupal Morjaria told Optometry Today that the woman was at a higher risk of infection.

The patient had been wearing disposable contacts for 35 years but had not been to the optometrist for her regular appointments. She had not reported any symptoms that could be linked to the missing lenses.

The case happened last November.

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