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Vision Fleet asks for legal review of electric car contract

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The company in the center of a potential legal fight between the City-County Council and the city administration wants a panel of judges to review the contract in question.

Vision Fleet filed a petition in Marion Superior Court asking a five-judge panel to “review the validity of its contract with the City of Indianapolis and determine whether the City-County Council has the authority to make changes to the agreement,” according to a company statement.

Some councilors have claimed the deal with Vision Fleet to provide 425 electric cars for the city is not legal because Mayor Greg Ballard’s administration didn’t follow the proper procedures.

The mayor’s office said it believes the contract is legal.

On Monday night the council approved a resolution to sue the city over the issue.

The company said it feels stuck in the middle.

“The goal at the end of the day is to have everyone come together; the city, the council, Vision Fleet, any other stakeholders and really talk things through,” said Vision Fleet spokeswoman Jennifer Wagner. “We’ve been saying for two months that we want everyone to talk through their concerns and work through their issues outside of litigation. Hopefully this process will result in that.”