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Will Gov. Pence sign fantasy sports regulation bill?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A bill to regulate fantasy sports in Indiana is on its way to the governor’s desk. But will he sign it?

Some states have tried to outlaw the use of fantasy sports websites, others choose to regulate them. Until now, Indiana law has been silent when it comes to fantasy sports.

But state lawmakers have passed a bill that would permit websites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel to do business in Indiana with some restrictions.

That bill was passed by both Houses in the General Assembly last week, and the key question Mike Pence must answer is whether fantasy sports amounts to a game of chance or a game of skill.

The governor is on record in opposition to any expansion of gambling and spoke out publicly on the issue for the first time Monday.

“My understanding is this is just simply an effort to create some legal boundaries and guidelines around… the fantasy sports practice,” he said, “that many Hoosiers enjoy relative to the NFL, particularly, and so we’ll take a look at it, give it a fair-minded look.”

That’s an answer that lobbyists for the fantasy sports industry were waiting to hear. The governor said he must still review the bill.

Among other things, it calls for Fantasy Sports websites to limit participation to people over the age of 18. Players, coaches, and referees are banned from taking part and the websites must pay the state a participation fee of at least $50,000.