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Woman arrested in connection with Muncie attempted bombing

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — One woman was arrested for her involvement with a bombing attempt in December.

49-year-old Tamara Olis has been taken into custody after court documents show she offered to pay an undercover Delaware Co. deputy to kill Margie Wolford, the former girlfriend of Lionel Mackey, who is being held on attempted murder charges related to another attempted bombing of Wolford in December.

Olis was arrested and booked in to the Delaware County Jail Tuesday evening.

She is being charged with conspiracy to commit perjury and conspiracy to commit murder.

According to court documents from the Delaware County Prosecutor’s office, Olis planned to follow Wolford home from work and then drive her car into the house in an attempt to kill Wolford.

The documents show Olis wanted Wolford killed so that she couldn’t testify in the pipe bomb case against Mackey.

The documents also say Olis tried to hire a hit man to kill Wolford by cutting the brake lines of her car.

A Delaware County undercover deputy posed as a hit man from Ohio and Olis was recorded asking him to “take care of” Wolford.

He asked her several times to confirm she wanted Wolford killed and she said yes.

The deputy told Olis it would cost $1000 dollars, but Olis didn’t have enough money.

According to court documents, she tried to give a down payment of about $28 with a bad check, then she tried to pay with 8 CDs.

Eventually she agreed to give her car as payment if she couldn’t find the money.

After the deal was made, authorities went to Olis’ house and arrested her.

The court docs show she made a confession to police at the time of her arrest.

She told police she loves Mackey and wanted him to get released so she could be with him.

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