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Woman misidentified as ‘Nazi’ in Donald Trump Jr. tweets demands apology

CHILLICOTHE, OH (WCMH) – A Chillicothe woman says Donald Trump, Jr. owes her an apology, and she’ll sue if she doesn’t get it.

Last Saturday Trump, Jr. retweeted a composite photo identifying Portia Boulger as the woman giving the Nazi salute at last week’s cancelled Chicago appearance of Republican Presidential Front-runner Donald Trump. But Boulger wasn’t there.

Boulger is a semi-retired school teacher and a full-time Bernie Sanders supporter. She volunteers as the Social Media Director for the grass roots effort Women4Bernie. She says that’s why her mis-identification was no mistake.

“They wanted to frighten me and stifle my voice, but they’re not going to,” she says. “I went over to my Twitter page immediately and there it was. It was just blowing up.”

The top photo in the retweet shows a woman in a Trump T-shirt is giving the Nazi salute. That woman has curly, chin-length white hair and bears some slight resemblance to the two year old picture of Portia posted below. But Portia’s hair has long since been in a short Pixie cut, she doesn’t wear square framed glasses like the woman in the photo and, most importantly, she was in Chillicothe last weekend.

“I don’t think it was a mistake that they attempted to make it look like Portia Boulger is Brigitt,” she says.

The woman is the photo has since been identified by both the Chicago Tribune and the New York Times as Birgitt Peterson of Yorkville, IL.

Saturday Donald Trump Jr. re-tweeted the composite shot. The tweet has been deleted, but Portia shared a screen shot with NBC4.

Actor James Woods also re-tweeted the composite photo. Woods’ tweet has more than 4K re-tweets & 4K likes. Thursday night Portia tweeted asking him to take it down.

“It’s still up even though there’s absolute evidence that that person is not me,” she says.

Boulger says even though it’s been proven the composite photo wasn’t of her, she doesn’t feel safe. She believes she was targeted and intimidated because of her support for Bernie Sanders.

Now she wants an apology.

“No one should be able to threaten me or make me feel uncomfortable for exercising the freedoms that I have by living in the United States of America,” she says.

Boulger says her attorney is negotiating with Trump’s to get that apology. She says she wants it via Twitter.