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Working moms put in about 100 hours of work a week study finds

CONCORD, MA (WCMH) – A study says that working moms do the equivalent of about 2.5 full-time jobs in a week.

According to, a study commissioned by Welch’s found that on average, a working mom clocks about 98 hours of work a week, with her day starting just after 6am.

“The results of the survey highlight just how demanding the role of mom can be and the non-stop barrage of tasks it consists of,” Casey Lewis, MS, RD and Health & Nutrition Lead at Welch’s, told Yahoo! News. “Busy moms may identify with the list of ‘lifesavers’, which highlights not just a rigorous workload but a constant requirement to feed and fuel the family, week in and week out.”

The study also found that moms don’t usually finish with their work/family duties until after 8pm, which equals close to 14 hours a day.

The study surveyed 2,000 American mothers with children ranging between ages 5 and 12.