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‘Pet Pals TV: Say ‘hello’ to Grady the greyhound

Pet Pals TV: Say hello to Grady the Greyhound

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every week, Pet Pals TV shares a fun, interesting, and informative story about our four-legged and furry friend population.

This week, Patty Spitler, the host of “Pet Pals TV,” was joined by Grady, the mascot for the University of Indianapolis, and his owner, Coran Sigman.

“The University of Indiana adopted him in 2019 … and he has been the university’s mascot ever since,” Sigman said.

Grady is a sighthound, which is also known as a gaze hound. This breed of dog hunts primarily by sight and speed rather than by scent and endurance, as scent hounds do.

Sighthounds can run as fast as 32 mph. Grady raced for 2.5 years before the university worked with Greyhound Pets of America to get him off the racetrack and into Indiana.