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Dr. Deanna Reinoso Joins WISH-TV’s ‘Focus on Food’ Launch to Battle Indiana’s Hunger Crisis

Get to know Crooked Creek Food Pantry

Dr. Deanna Reinoso, the president of the CCFP board of directors and the medical director of Eskenazi Health’s social determinants of health, as well as a pediatrician, will be joining the launch event for Focus on Food at Crooked Creek Food Pantry.

This initiative, spearheaded by WISH-TV, is a commitment to addressing food insecurity in the community.

Focus on Food aims to empower healthy living by providing resources, recipes, and information on food issues in Indiana.

With 1 in 9 Hoosiers and 1 in 8 children facing hunger, the program seeks to shed light on problems like food deserts and offer solutions through access to food information, recipes, and community resources.

The brand-new Focus on Food website will feature a variety of recipes tailored to different dietary needs and occasions, encouraging everyone to participate in the cause by visiting and watching the ongoing coverage on WISH-TV.