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Officers identified in April police shootout that killed suspect

Indianapolis police on the night of April 20, 2023, perform investigations at the scene of an afternoon police shootout in the 8600 block of East 30th Street. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The four officers, including two who were wounded during an April vehicle pursuit that ended in a deadly shootout, have been identified.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Randal Taylor identified the officers involved as five-year veteran Jonathon Phelps, five-year veteran Mathew Harris, eight-year veteran Sergio De Leon, and 15-year veteran John Wallace.

Phelps and De Leon both were shot on April 20 during the exchange of gunfire with Daniel Yefter Ghebrehiewts, 46, the man who died in the shootout. The two wounded officers spent a day in the hospital.

The Lawrence Police Department was attempting to stop a vehicle at East 30th Street and Post Road at about 12:40 p.m. April 20. The law enforcement officers were looking for a suspect in a Lawrence Police Department shooting case.

Police attempted to spin the car out to stop the pursuit but were unsuccessful. The vehicle turned into the parking lot of a local business and went into a dead-end, crashing into a 6-foot fence. The vehicle then went off-road into a gap between the business complex and homes on the south side of the business complex.

The vehicle ended up lodged, and that’s when the shootout began between police and the driver.

The passenger in the vehicle, Darnell Harmon, 31, was arrested under an unrelated warrant charging him with possession of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine, and possession of a narcotic drug.

As is standard practice, the officers involved were placed on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation.

News 8 reached out to request photos of the officers but was declined by IMPD.