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Walkin’ and Talkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Walkin’ and Talkin’ in a Winter Wonderland

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — You can join one Indianapolis tour guide on a walk through a Winter Wonderland and learn new things about the city’s history.

Owner of the Through2Eyes tours, Sampson Levingston, stopped by Daybreak on Wednesday to talk about his winter-themed tour through ten Indianapolis neighborhoods, called Walkin’ and Talkin’ in a Winter Wonderland. The enthused tour guide discussed the most recent tour he did on Monday at Monument Circle.

“Monday night was fantastic. The city, the way that the lights are wrapping around the Circle.  It’s like true entertainment, just on a walk even without me yapping to you half the time,” Levingston said.

Levingston shared his method on how to keep the tours active and fun, despite giving the tours so often.

“We try to make every tour unique, a different experience, and since we do the 10 different neighborhoods, it gives people a chance to hear me in different places.”

Levingston says he has some repeat visitors, and they “see the same neighborhood two times, three times, four times and get a different feel every single opportunity that they’re out there.”

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