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Watch: Road rage suspect hurls hammer at driver

SHORELINE, Wash. (WISH) — A suspect is behind bars after surveillance video showed him throwing a hammer at another driver during a road rage incident in Washington state.

Deputies with the King County Sheriff’s Office were called to the 1500 block of Ballinger Way in Shoreline, Wash., on the afternoon of July 27 for reports of a road rage incident.

“Road rage is real, especially when some whacked out driver throws a hammer at your windshield,” the department said in a social media post.

According to authorities, the driver of the Jeep seen in the surveillance footage began honking at the victim while they were merging onto a traffic ramp.

The suspect continued to honk at the victim so the victim exited the roadway in order to avoid a confrontation, police said. Moments later, the suspect in the Jeep passes the victim, blocks the roadway and hurls a hammer at the victim before getting back in his Jeep and driving away.

The suspect was later identified by county detectives and authorities learned that three days after the hammer-throwing incident the suspect was arrested for multiple felonies in another county.

“It’s easy to find – and charge – a suspect when they are already in jail,” the department said online. “Charges are pending in Shoreline, but once filed our hammer-thrower should be off our roads for some time.”

The department also encouraged drivers to drive to the nearest police or fire station if they become involved in a road rage situation.

“Most suspects go where they believe they won’t get caught.”

In Indianapolis, road rage shootings have tripled in two years on interstates around the city, according to the Indiana State Police.

The Indiana State Police gave these tips for anyone who sees or is involved in a road rage incident:

  • Remain calm, agitation or counter aggressive maneuvers can escalate the situation.
  • Drive away from the aggressor by using a turn signal to change lanes, allowing the aggressor to pass, exit the highway, stop in a well-lit populated area.
  • If stopped in traffic or in an area where you must stop due to a stop sign or stop light ensure all of your car doors are locked and leave yourself a path of escape.
  • Immediately report the incident to police by calling 911 (Indiana Hands Free Law allows you to use a cell phone while driving to report an emergency to 911).