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Counselor: How communities can emotionally recover after mass shootings

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Sunday’s mass shootings — one at Greenwood Park Mall and another at a Beech Grove park — will have a lifelong impact on the families of the people who died and on the innocent bystanders.

Residents of the area may also be profoundly affected in the days and weeks to come, or possibly longer.

News 8 spoke with Kimble Richardson, a licensed mental health counselor at Community Health Network, who offered advice on how the Beech Grove and Greenwood communities can emotionally recover after the tragic events.

“Think about some action items that you might be able to put into place,” he said, “whether that’s joining an advocacy group or reaching out to others who may be hurting or struggling. A lot of times when people feel anxious or worried doing something is a good remedy.” 

Richardson also says it’s crucial for parents to be aware of their behavior around their kids. Children will take cues from parents no matter how old they are. If a parent is acting visibly upset, nervous and worried their kids will take on and absorb those feelings.

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