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IMPD continues to crack down on spinning, burnouts

IMPD cracking down on spinning and burnouts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — South of Madison Avenue in the parking lot of Store Space, a storage facility, a black Dodge Charger was spinning at 11 p.m. Friday, police say.

They say Reginold Winfield, 24, was driving at an accelerated speed doing doughnuts on the pavement, with one passenger hanging out the window as crowds watched, police say. Winfield was also doing burnouts, sending smoke in the air.

When police arrived Winfield took off, but police caught up with him and a passenger after a chase. reported earlier Wednesday that he’d been arrested.

Officer Amanda Hibschman with Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department described the scene. “The Dodge Charger refused to stop during a traffic stop and led officers in a vehicle pursuit.”

Police said Winfield got up to 75 mph on roads with a 45 mph speed limit. His rear tire went flat, but he continued to flee, driving on just the rim and shutting off all the lights of his vehicle to evade the police.

When his vehicle finally stopped police arrested Winfield on preliminary charges of criminal recklessness, resisting arrest, and numerous traffic offenses. Two firearms and marijuana were also found inside the vehicle. The prosecutor will make the final decision on formal charges.

I-Team 8 has been covering the dangers of spinning and burnouts for nearly a year. Some of these competitions have led to street racing with cars reaching speeds more than 100 mph.

Indiana State Police said they stopped a driver on I-465 going 186 mph.

Sometimes, street competitions can take over, closing down streets, highways or parking lots.

Hibschman said, “We want to remind individuals that this sort of driving, reckless driving and speeding is illegal, and they can be arrested for these cases.” 

Not only is it illegal, but it’s also dangerous, said IMPD Lt. Shane Foley, a department spokesperson. “In one situation, an individual had a broken leg. The individual was outside a vehicle, legs struck by a vehicle, and we’re heard people from around the country. They fall off and get stuck, which could result in serious bodily injury or death.”

Despite the dangers, spinning, burnouts and street racing has continued and damaged property. Pieces of rubber and tire marks were on the storage facility’s parking lot on Wednesday.

IMPD encourages the public to report reckless driving.

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