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500 Festival announces theme for 2024 events

500 Festival theme announced

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The 500 Festival events and programs events that make up the Month of May in Indianapolis now have a theme: Iconic Moments in Indy.

“This theme pays tribute to the legendary moments and unforgettable memories that define the city, most evident throughout the unparalleled Month of May. The theme Iconic Moments in Indy will be evident in the months leading up to May, woven into the fabric of 500 Festival events and programs, campaigns, and promotions,” the 500 Festival said in a release.

This year’s years programs and events will not only celebrate the Month of May — they’ll also celebrate other iconic moments in Indy, including:

The 500 Festival still needs a few volunteers to help fuel the Month of May. Click here for more information about the 500 Festival Volunteer Program.

To view the 500 Festival’s calendar of events, visit