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Dog missing 3 years spotted in Indiana in last week

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Milo the dog has been missing since December 2019 when the canine got out of a car after an accident on I-70 near Cloverdale.

Derrick Monet, who is now an Air Force veteran, was injured and his wife, Jenna Monet, 23, was killed.

Milo has been missing ever since but has been spotted in the last week by volunteers. People looking for the canine say there is still hope to bring the dog home and they are doing everything they can.

Wendi Kraemer is the president of the animal rescue Angel Journey Home. She is coordinating the efforts to find Milo with Monet’s mother, Brenda Monet, and volunteers in Indiana.

“We got drones that we can fly over to try finding him, setting traps out there, we’re putting feed stations out there for him,” Kraemer said. “And the sad part is a lot of this wasn’t done for a while because she just didn’t have the support to have it done.”

Kraemer said the dog is the last remaining member of Monet’s immediate family with his wife.

“The mental part of it, of losing his wife and Milo, you know he lost everything right,” Kraemer said. “And knowing he has that chance to have that dog back which is the only thing he has left to his own family because his wife died in that accident. He has a sense of hope.”

After three years, Kraemer says this kind of sighting is rare but not unheard of. “It is a miracle. The first thing I told her was ‘I never want to be negative. I want to be glass half full.’ And I’ve seen where dogs were reunited after five years, so I tell everyone out there watching this news story, ‘Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope.’”

Kraemer asked for financial help to bring this dog home. “I can’t even tell you how much they’ve already put out trying to find Milo,” Kraemer said. “So, we’re a nonprofit, so anybody that would like to donate, it’s tax-exempt.”

Angels Journey Home will use the funding to buy supplies to search for Milo, bring Monet’s mother out to look for him and retrain him, and get him medical care if he is found.

Donations can be made online.

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