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Learn the benefits of having a college degree

Multicultural Spotlight | College degrees and financial well-being

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Recent discussions on News 8 on the merits of higher education have been enriched by insights from the Survey of Household Economics and Decision Making, shedding further light on advantages associated with earning a four-year college degree.

WISH-TV contributor Emil Ekiyor joined News 8 for a conversation about the intersection of a college degree and financial well-being.

Ekiyor reinforced the idea that higher education opens doors to enhanced career opportunities, increased earning potential, and greater job security.

The points echoed discussions from the previous week’s discussions.

The latest Survey of Household Economics and Decision Making report, released this month, offered fresh insights into the financial well-being of adults with college degrees.

Ekiyor also discussed the concept of financial well-being. He said it can be subjective.